Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DE Shaving adventures

So I've had my 3rd shave with a DE (Double edge) razor and it's slowly getting better. I have a long way to go with my technique and blade angle, but was excited to receive my sample pack of razors and some after shave balm by Anthony Logistics.

I think I also need to work a bit on the pre shave side of things and will likely get some Prorasa Pre/Post shave on the weekend which has got very good reviews. Still getting a few cuts which are taken care of quite easily with a styptic pencil and my ingrown hairs (my whole reason for starting DE shaving) are getting better, but haven't disappeared yet.

I think the blade I started with (Dorco ST 300) is not quite sharp enough for me so will change it for one in the pack.

I've also switched from a cream to a soap in the Crabtree & Evelyn sandalwood scent which is a really cool old school masculine scent. Lets hope it just gets better & better from here.

Blades and balm were bought from mensbiz.com.au and soap/razor/brush/styptic pencil from the Shaver Shop if anyone is interested.

Monday, June 28, 2010

100th Post

New Chukka's to celebrate......

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pitti looks

Why can't I find this jacket in Australia?

Digging the red button

Summer double breasted

Great colour blue

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Bull - Advanced shoe polishing 101

Image: Styleforum.net

Bulling, or spit shining is not for those short of patience. It takes time, effort, technique and a fair bit of elbow grease. You should never do the whole shoe, just the toes and heels if you must, though I do just the toes. From go to whoa, the whole process will take a couple of hours for 1 pair of shoes. Best to sit back with a glass of scotch or red and embrace it. In fact I'm doing a pair in between writing this.

To break it down
- Take the laces and shoe trees out
- Give them a condition with a good quality leather conditioner first (saphir if your a real polish snob)
- Do a base polish with a horsehair brush first to give a good all over general shine.
- Spit (real spit) works much better in my opinion than both water and champagne.
- You need to do about 4-5 coats min. of bulling to get a really good shine
- You'll mess it up the first few times so don't stress
- Between wears, give them a quick brush to remove scuffs. I do this when I take them off at the end of the day.

For actual technique, I can't recommend the following link enough. I had read many different ways to do it and this was the first that really worked for me.


Happy bulling!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Introducing M.J Bale

On the weekend I visited the new flagship store of M.J Bale, which for those of who are unsure of what that is, it's the new venture of Matt Jensen, one of the founders of Herringbone. The venture first started as Yensen (how his name is pronounced) but that didn't last too long as Ganton already has a line called Jensen and rather than fight a legal battle, he deemed it best to re brand early on.

The store is literally next door to the Herringbone store on Queen st, Woollahra. The similarities don't end there as the cuts of the suits and shirts are almost identical to Herringbone also, which is not a bad thing at all and in fact they are using the same suppliers in Japan, Pakistan and Italy.

The girl in the store (also ex Herringbone) was very knowledgeable and nice, and took me right through the range and I was very impressed I must say and she relaxed a lot when I told her I also used to work for Herringbone.

A quick overview of what I found -

Classic Range - Similar to Herringbone's core range at a lower price point in basic navy, grey and black. Starting at $695 for suits and $99 for shirts. Shirts are particularly good value if you are used to paying Herringbone shirt prices.

Contemporary Range - A more fashion forward range from $1095 with better fabrics than the classic range, they felt quite nice and both ranges seemed to have the working sleeve buttons featured on Herringbone's suits.

MTM - Starts at $1500 for suits and $150 for shirts. Very interestingly, they also have Thomas Mason shirting's in the MTM range from $220. I will most likely try a few $150 MTM shirts in the future as it's still cheaper than H/Bone off the rack, and it's always been a bug bear of mine that neither company seems capable of doing an off the rack shirt with a spread collar and button cuffs. They all have french for some reason.

Odd Jackets - They had a wall of jacket's, but I wasn't too impressed with these. They were all a bit fashion forward and a shorter length and the one I did like, which was a nice grey flannel, I eventually found out was a cotton flannel, which for $500 is too much.

Ties - The low light of the store unfortunately. They are all to thin, verging on skinny and I don't even wear wide ties! The fabrics were nice with a few wools thrown in and I would have bought a few if they were more like 2.75-3 in, but most were around 2-2.25 in.

So that's it. In conclusion, well worth a look I think. www.mjbale.com.au.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some required reading


I have been only a semi regular shaver for the last 10 years or so because I get ingrown hairs frequently on my neck. I have recently discovered that all of the 5 blade razors are actually worse for your skin, because all of those razors cut the hair and then the last 2 or 3 push the hairs back under your skin and bingo, in grown hairs aplenty!

So I have now swapped to a 2 blade razor (baby steps at this stage), a non foam cream and purchased a shaving brush and a different ingrown hair balm on recommendation from the very helpful lady at the shaver shop in the Canberra Centre.

I'll report back after my first week of born again shaving.

Anyway, read this blog and get educated. Happy Shaving.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The downside to the internet

I'm selling off 2 of my favourite pairs of shoes at the moment because they don't fit right. Maybe I'm getting fussy, maybe not, but this is the big drawback to buying shoes on the internet.

1 pair is too small, 1 pair too large, and even though I'm well versed on different makers lasts and sizing, without trying them on it's impossible to get things right every time.

I still think the pro's outweigh the cons and usually an email to the seller for some advice and measurements proves very useful. Hopefully they will both go to a good home and will be enjoyed for years to come (and make way for me to replace them with some more!).